Amanda Powell

Name: Amanda Powell
August 10, 1989
Marshfield, MA
Current Residence:
Los Angeles, CA
Been a member of Triple 8 since 2011

Career Highlights:
- holding my own longboard clinic in Madrid.
- going "on tour" with the Longboard Girls Crew all over Spain.
- getting my first taste of California hills and falling madly in love with them.

How does a typical day in the life of Amanda go?
I don't wake up early. I get up, stretch, have some coffee and fruit, take care of emails, then either go skating, filming, or surfing. After the session I'll grab a hearty meal, preferably Indian or Tai cuisine. I usually have a solo nighttime skate before I retire for the day, perhaps indulge in a good brew or two.

What is the weirdest encounter you have had while on the road?
Tuna fish somehow making it's sneaky way into every meal in Spain. Gross.

Why do you choose Triple 8 for your protective gear needs?
I like to skate however I want to skate and not worry about getting hurt. Triple 8 product is perfect for that because it's super protective and very comfortable. I've taken some hard slams and walked away just fine thanks to Triple 8.

Who’s your favorite other rider to ride with?

On an everyday basis, it's Dane Webber, who is my boyfriend and team mate on Loaded and Orangatang. Although I just learned in Spain that shredding with girls is a whole different level of stoke.

Favorite Local Spot?

Words to live by?
Give freely, expect nothing.


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