Anthony Furlong



Birthday: September 9, 1978
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Current Residence: Tampa, FL
Been a member of the Triple Eight team since 2008

Career highlights:     

    • 8th Place at the 2010 ISF Skateboarding World Championship Dew Tour

    • 5th Place at the 2009 Playstation Pro Dew Tour, Orlando

    • 2nd Place at the 2006 Rio Vert Jam

    • 6th Place at the 2006 X Games

How has your life changed five years ago to now? My body hurts more, my life hasn’t changed one bit since I was 20

What is your favorite place you have got to visit thus far? Dubai and Beijing

What is the weirdest encounter you have had while on the road? Camels crossing the road like stray dogs

How does a typical day in the life of Anthony Furlong go? Wake up around 11am, check all the pets, go to the gym, eat, play a game of chess, text some girl, go skate, eat, get in the hot tub, watch espn or National Geographic, go shoot pool, have some drinks, eat, sleep around 3 am.

Words to live by? What we do in life echoes in eternity.  Everyone dies, Not everyone Really Lives


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