Austin Gordon

Name: Austin Gordon
Birthday: 11/21/96
Hometown: Newnan, Ga

Contest Results of 2012

  • 4th Vert Gatorade Free Flow Tour, Tampa, Fl

Contest Results of 2011

  • 3rd King Of The Ams Street Canton, Ga
  • 2nd King Of The Ams Mini Canton, Ga
  • 4th Florida Bowl Riders (stop 1)
  • 4th Florida Bowl Riders (stop 2)
  • 4th Florida Bowl Riders (overall)
  • 1st Olliepalooza Vert Greenville, Sc
  • 2nd NGS Street Contest North Georgia
  • 1st Vitaminwater Contest  Atlanta, Ga
  • 1st Vans Warp Tour Columbus, Ga
  • 3rd Gatorade Free Flow Vert Qualifier Tampa, Fl
  • 5th Gatorade Free Flow Vert Finals Salt Lake City, Ut
  • 2nd Georgia Bowl Riders(stop 1) Columbus, Ga
  • 1st Georgia Bowl Riders(stop 2) Atlanta, Ga
  • 2nd King Of Crete Orlando, Fl

How does a typical day in the life of Austin go?

Well, usually i wake up get ready for school. Go to school then come home and chill and kick it with my buddys. On the weekends i head down to Atlanta and shred the parks.


What’s your favorite spot and how often do you skate there?
My favorite spot would have to be Old 4th Ward Skate Park. They've  got a giant bowl I love to skate their. & I skate their just about every weekend with some friends.


Who’s your favorite person to skate with?

I really don't a favorite person to skate with. I mostly like to skate with people who are better than me so I push myself and skate harder.


Why do you love Triple 8 so much?
Well, in my opinion Triple 8 is best skate equipment out their. Their really good quality and are very comfortable.


Words to live by?
Trust in God & Always have faith.


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