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Check out this testimonial from 11 year old Sarkis Johnson.  We couldn't be more stoked to know that he is alive and well to share this story:


Dear maker of sick life saving gear:

My name is Sarkis and I'm 11 years old.  I am one of very few kids that wear a helmet at my local skate park.  About 3 weeks ago, I had an accident in the bowl and ended up in the ICU with bleeding on my brain.  The doctor said I am alive because I was wearing my helmet. 


Here's a blurb from his story:

"This Saturday I was at the skate park with my friend Sam and I was doing a run in the bowl. In the middle of my run, I slipped on debris in the bottom and fell back on my head.  Luckily I was wearing my triple8 helmet. Sam and one of my friends went in the bowl and helped me out.  Sam insisted on calling my mom (thanks Sam!) and I didn’t want to at first because I thought I would feel better in a minute.  He called his mom anyways which is a good thing because his mom came and picked us up and took me home.  I was feeling pretty bad and my dad put me in the shower because he thinks the shower fixes everything. Then I started throwing up. My mom decided that we should go to the hospital so we went to the one by our house.  They did a CT Scan and saw that I had blood in my brain on the left front side. They had to send me in an ambulance to the Children’s Hospital because that’s where the neurosurgeons are that work on kids. They put me in the ER there and then they admitted me into a room in the ICU where I spent the night.  They woke me up every hour all night.  I stopped throwing up and started to feel better." 

"...I’m one of the only kids that wear their helmets at the park.  I can only imagine how this could have turned out different if I didn’t wear my helmet.  Thanks to Triple8sports helmets and to my Grandpa and Inger Johnson for buying it."


Click here to read more about his story and check out his blog.  


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