Lindo Marvilhoso! MegaRamp is here to stay.


The second tour stop of the MegaRamp tour series is quickly showing that this event will be here to stay.  For a long, long time. 


Practice for the event began on the first of July.  Although the athletes didn't hold anything back.  Day 1 of practice played host to Mitchie Brusco becoming only the second person ever (and youngest by far) to land a 900 on the mega.  Tony Hawk tweeted immediately after "Congratulations to Mitchie Brusco with the cleanest 900 to date ... on a MegaRamp"

Needless to say the actual competition didn't dissapoint either. Each athlete laid down clean run after clear run.  Adam Taylor stoked out fans with a 540 varial on the quarterpipe which vaulted him into 3rd place.  Mtichie Brusco didn't skip a beat from practice and laid down yet another 900, just as clean as the first, which put him on the podium narrowly in front of Adam with a 2nd place finish.  In the end it was Brazilian native Bob Burnquist who impressed the judges the most with a huge christ air backflip over the gap earning him 1st overall. 



Check out video of all the final runs below.  Congrats goes out to all the guys! 

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