Vacation with Mancha!

What's the next best thing to going on vacation to Brazil?  Well living vicariously through the eyes of Triple 8 rider, Evandro Mancha, as he takes a skating vacation to Brazil has got to be right up there.  Mancha was kind enough to keep a running diary of his time in Brazil this past trip.  So without further ado, we bring to you...

2011 Brazil Trip

by Evandro Mancha

On August 16,
I went to my hometown of Belo Horizonte (BH), Brazil for a quick visit to see my family and friends. BH is the third largest city in Brazil, located slightly north of, and a few hours drive inland from, Rio de Janeiro.  I was dying to skate Anchieta Bowl again. It has a 4 ½ foot channel, 10 foot transition, 2 ½ feet of vert, no flat bottom and no coping at all. And to top it all off, all the walls have a little over vert at the top. But it’s so fun once you become familiar with the bowl.

Mancha, Backside air over the channel

Wednesday  – After 20 hours of straight travel to get there I was too tired to skate, as much as I wanted to. I just hung out with my family and refueled on my mom’s amazing Brazilian cooking…

Thursday – After a good night’s sleep I woke up refreshed and ready to go skate! But unfortunately they were still painting the bowl for a session sponsored by Monster Drink scheduled for the next day.   So instead we went to Mangabeiras skate park for a quick session before they closed. Mangabeiras has a street course and a shallow bowl with three hips that’s super fast and makes it difficult to control your speed.  Mangabeiras closes pretty early though so there’s only a short window each afternoon to skate.



Friday  – After a perfect Brazilian breakfast of strong coffee, Pao de queijo, (Cheese bread) and Açai, I called my friends Binha and Bicalho to see what time the session was going down.  They told me that during the winter, you have to skate Anchieta Bowl before 3:00pm – otherwise the afternoon sun will be shining in your face.  So I grabbed my gear and headed over.

When I arrived at Anchieta all my old friends that I used to skate with growing up were there! I haven’t skated or even seen many of them for over 10 years. Some of them I’ve seen more recently but it’s been well over a decade since we all skated together.  That was enough to bring good vibes to the session. Some of my old school homies at the session were Binha, Dota, Bicho, Pirraça, Pinico  and Alan. Alan used do a lot of variations of inverts. He came up and asked me, “can you do front inverts? I haven’t see a live one for a long time!” What an honor for me, especially when it comes from someone who taught me how to do so many tricks. After a few attempts, I made it!  I was so stoked, I had never made a front invert at Anchieta before. Feels good to come back here and do tricks that I never thought I could do. Airs, tail slides grinds and some insane inverts went down until the sun arrived.  We skated until it blinded us. What a great session I had that day.  Luckily my friend Mauro Torres, an amazing Brazilian photographer who now lives in BH, was there to register this great session. Thank you Mauro!




Saturday - We all went back to Mangabeiras Park for an early session. It was super hot and crowded, but a great session still went down. A lot of the old schools guys that had stopped skating were there ripping again, like Alan, his brother Bruce, Dota and my friend Tulio.


Sunday – This was my last day so I mostly hung out with my family.  My city is known for having one of the biggest and best street fairs in all of Brazil, Feira Hippy, which happens every Sunday. It takes place along the main avenue downtown and has blocks and blocks of handmade goods and food.  People travel from other states and even countries just to go there so I can’t make a trip home without going.

Monday – woke up early to begin my long journey home.  It was such a quick trip, but a lot of fun.  I am planning on going back in December for another week so stay tuned…

Thank you for all my sponsors for the support

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