Danny Burnstein

Danny Bernstein got into wakeboarding because a girl asked him to go to a water ski and wakeboard camp back when he was living in Michigan, where he grew up. Of course, it was the sport that he fell in love with. After moving to Florida for school, Danny began wakeboarding hard, gradually moving away from boats and more towards the cableparks where he now spends most of his time. Despite constantly pushing himself to reach new levels of riding, spending time on the water with friends and sharing the sport with new people are Danny’s core values.

Nickname: d-burn
Birthday:  11/13/90
Hometown:  West Bloomfield, MI
Current Residence: Winter Haven, FL
Been a member of the Triple Eight team since 2011


Career highlights:    


PWT stop #1-3rd place rockstar kicker contest

PWT stop #2-3rd place rockstar kicker contest

PWT stop #3-2nd place rockstar kicker contest

PWT stop #4-2nd place rockstar kicker contest

PWT stop #5-3rd place rockstar kicker contest

 Quarterfinalist at the 2011 NAUTIQUE WAKE GAMES


Master Craft Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop #17th place 2010  Acworth, GA

Master Craft Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop #4  19th place 2010 Colorado Springs

Master Craft Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop #4  kicker contest 3rd place

Master Craft Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop #5 kicker contest 2nd place

            -Nationals 6th place

            -Worlds 20th place

            -2010 overall 20th place

• 2009 – overall jr mens 6th place

How does a typical day in the life of Danny burnstein go? Well it’s pretty simple; wake up, look at the lake, and get some friends together and go out on the boat for just a relaxing fun day of wakeboarding/training. If the water is bad I tend to work on video editing, photos, or anything artsy because when the weather is bad I should always try to get work done for my major in graphic design. So anything in the art range works.

What is the weirdest encounter you have had while on the road?
Well about a year ago I went to Syracuse NY for a rail jam. Not knowing were the rail jam was, I was picked up in a RV from the airport and taken to a fairground. This fairground was the site of the rail jam. A close friend and I were pretty much working at the fair as an attraction for the kids that came there. For 4 days we stayed in a RV and did “water boarding shows” for the kids as the other people/parents kept calling it.  But it was definitely a cool but weird experience for me and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Why do you choose Triple 8 for your protective gear needs? Well who doesn’t want to rock Triple 8 is the better question. But I would have to say because I love the style, colors, and feeling of the helmets.  Not to mention the people at Triple 8 are just great and easy to talk to.

Words to live by? “Kick back and let the feeling flow live a little, ride a lot”.  The reason I live by this quote is because me and my little brother both got matching tattoos at the beginning of the year with a mountain in it to represent the sport he loves (snowboarding), and a lake to represent the sport I love (wakeboarding). We came up with this quote together and added it into our tattoo so I not only use the quote as motivation to do the sport I love but also because it represents the relationship I have with my little brother.  So that is why this is the quote I live by


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