Gaby Ponce

Gaby has been skateboarding since age ten where her parents would drive at least one hour to get to skateparks. She progressed to a point where she realized she wanted to skate vert. It was no easy task and her parents had to drive four hour round trips to the nearest vert ramp. They have put nearly 200,000 miles on their car during the four years of her skateboarding career. However, she currently lives in San Diego, CA for college where the ramp is eight miles away. She has acquired a unique style and tries to push herself by watching the guys skate and then trying to mimic the tricks they do. Gaby is constantly inspired and motivated by the progression and culture of skateboarding.

NAME: Gaby Ponce
Birthday: 2/7/92
Hometown: Tenafly, NJ
Current Residence: San Diego, CA
Been a member of Triple 8 since 2010

Career Highlights:

  • First Place - Skate Womens Vert @ Rocky Mountain Rampage 2013 
  • First Place – Skate Womens Vert @ X Games 2010
  • First Place – Skate Womens Vert @ Dew Tour Boston 2010
  • Third Place – Skate Womens Vert @ Xgames 2009
  • Second Place – Skate Womens Vert @ Dew Tour Boston 2009



How does a typical day in the life of Gaby Ponce go?
Just doing what I love doing. Skateboarding and learning as much as I can about the world around me.

Why do you choose Triple 8 for your protective gear needs?

I really like their Sweatsaver Liner because it keeps keeps the foam fresh and soft while providing the most comfort. Overall, it is a very reliable and durable helmet. Their creative color schemes and designs are two thumbs up. 

Words to live by?

Life is hard, but you need to be harder.


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