Jagger Eaton

Name: Jagger Eaton
DOB:  2/21/01
Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Years skating: 7
Been a member of the Triple Eight team since 2012

Career Highlights:

Youngest-ever athlete invited to skate in X Games at 11 years old

2012 Results:

  • 6th place, 2012 X Games Big Air Skateboard
  • 4th place, Brazil MegaRampa
  • 9th place, Ocean City Dew Tour Mega 2.0
  • 1st place Expert Street, King of the Groms AZ Qualifier
  • 1st place Expert Bowl, King of the Groms AZ Qualifier
  • 1st place, Expert Mini Ramp, King of the Groms AZ Qualifier
  • 18th place, Phoenix AM (youngest invite)

2011 Results:

  • Invited skater/participant, ASA/MegaRamp Air in the Square
  • 6th Place Vert, Volcom Damn Am

How does a typical day in the life of Jagger go?
Wake up and eat breakfast, schoolwork on the computer, hang out at KTR with friends and skate, get some dinner, go to bed
Jagger: Roll out of bed, eat, go to school, go skate with my brother and friends- KTR, street, or parks, eat, sleep
Favorite skate spot/ how often do u skate? (both said) KTR / EVERYDAY

Why do you love Triple 8 so much?

Jagger: They have the best protection for your brain, and are the most comfortable!

Words to live by:

Jagger: "Old habits die hard."


Facebook Fan Page: jaggereaton
Twitter- @jaggereaton
Instagram- @jaggereaton


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