Mike Fede (BMX)

Birthday:  June 2nd
Hometown:  Newark, Delaware
Current Residence: Woodward, PA
Been a member of the Triple Eight team since 2011

Career highlights:     

• Invited to 2011 Simple Session


How does a typical day in the life of Mike Fede go? Wake up and grab my iPhone, peek around on FB and twitter. Go soak in a hot shower, then watch some recorded shows on DVR while munching on some pretzels. Then Download some new music and  pack up the gear if I'm riding that day and ride until dark with some riders that keep the session fun. If I'm home then I'll go grab some pizza from my favorite place, Dom's pizza! I'll usually end the day at the cinema to see a new movie.

What is the weirdest encounter you have had while on the road?
I'd have to say taking a ride from a strange group oh hillbillies in the middle of nowhere of upstate PA to what was going to be a gas station but ended up being a trick and they took me to a strip club in someone’s house. This story is way too long to tell but long story short, I had to steal a bike off a porch to get to the main road and my iPhone gps saved me to get me back to my car safely. I feel bad for taking someone’s bike but I had to:-( haha

Why do you choose Triple 8 for your protective gear needs? The most comfortable lids with sweat liner is all I can ask for. Keep you protected while not making you look like an idiot.

Who’s your favorite other rider to ride with?
Anyone and everyone who likes to ride. I have a tight little group I like to kick it with and talk s**t.

Favorite Local Spot?
I started riding a park in Newport Delaware and that's where I like to go when I'm home. It's pretty unique since it's on a hill. You know what I mean if you been there.

Words to live by? no “what if 's”


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