Miles Mckinney

Miles was first introduced to skateboarding at a friend’s birthday party when he was 10 years old. His second day on a board, Miles dropped in on an 8 foot ramp and has continued to progress quickly over the last few years to sticking big moves like Frontside Rodeo 540’s and Fakie Melon 720’s. Street, Bowls, Vert, Miles can skate it all and is now looking forward to his next challenge: The Mega Ramp! Miles says “Don’t let the trick scare you, you have to scare the trick and remember that it takes effort to land. Skateboarding isn’t easy, if it was it would not be fun.”

NAME: Miles Mckinney
Birthday: October 17, 1997
Hometown: Clinton Township, Michigan
Current Residence: Palm Harbor FL
Been a member of Triple 8 since 2011

Results 2014

  • 3rd place (15-21) Wild in the Parks @ Surf Expo Orlando, Fl
  • 3rd place at King of the AMs AM/Expert Bowl
  • Damn AM Atlanta 34th place out of 160 skaters
  • Tampa AM 75th out of 305 AM skaters

Results 2013

  • 4th place (13-15) SPOT Spring Roll, Fl
  • 3rd place (16+) Winter Throw Down Safety Harbor, Fl

Results 2012

  • 1st place Summer Sizzler Lake Vista, Fl
  • 4th place Florida bowl riders cup
  • 7th place Florida bowl riders cup
  • 4th place Grind for Life Street 
  • 2nd place Grind for Life Flow Bowl FtLaderdale Fl
  • 1st place Grind for Life Bowl NSB Skatepark FL
  • 7th place Free Flow Tour Vert
  • 1st place street Band Jam Skate Jame, New Brandon Skatepark

Results 2011

  • 1st place Grind for Life Bowl NSB Skatepark
  • 2nd place Grind for Life Flow Bowl Coaco Beach 
  • 7th place Grind for Life Street
  • 6th place Georgia Bowl Riders Championship  1st stop
  • 3rd place Georgia Bowl Riders Championship  2nd stop

How does a typical day in the life of Miles Mckinney go?

I’m dreaming about skateboarding! I wake up, look at my turtle and my trophies then go on Youtube, Facebook and check my email. After that I get dressed then hit up my little skatepark in the back yard; after I get warmed up I go inside to call some friends for a sick session at the bowl at Stirling Skatepark. Oh yea, I go to school in the moring ……

What is the weirdest encounter you have had while on the road?

 My friend Parker was sleeping at the hotel while everyone else was up and ready to go to the Florida Bowl Riders Cup, so we got waffles from down stairs. I took a bite out of mine and it was as hard as a rock! So I went back up stairs with like 5 waffles, got them wet and threw them all at Parker. He was like “what the heck is this stuff!”

Why do you choose Triple 8 for your protective gear needs?

I love the feeling of the helmets and the padding, I love how they fit!!

Favorite Local Spot?

I don’t know there are a lot ...Stirling is the closest and its fun and it has a really nice bowl, pool and flow course. I also like the new Brandon Tampa Skatepark and the Skate Park of Tampa with the vert ramp!!!

Words to live by?

Skate for life …never give up, you will land it if you keep trying and have fun!!!!


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