Nate Vernia

Nate Vernia started skating in 2009 when he was only 6 years old. He loves to shred vert ramps, pools, bowls, and even the occasional rail or stair set. At such a young age, Nate has already developed a very fluid style and deep bag of tricks.

NAME: Nate Vernia
Birthday: March 30, 2002
Hometown: San Diego, Ca.
Current Residence: San Diego, Ca.



Career highlights:

Results 2013:

  • California State Games @ Mission Valley: 1'st Place Pool
  • California State Games @ Mission Valley: 1'st Place Vert

Results 2012:

  • Ride4Blood Pro/Am Bowl Contest: 2nd place (10&U)
  • California State Games @ Encinitas: 1'st Place Bowl
  • California State Games @ Encinitas: 1'st Place Vert
  • California State Games @ Encinitas: 2'nd Place Mini Ramp
  • CASL Contest @ Woodward West: 1st place Bowl (10&U) & Best Trick, 2nd place All-ages Vert, 2nd place Mini-ramp (10&U),
  • 3rd place Street (9-10)
  • King of the Groms @ Kid’s That Rip:  1st place Beginner Vert, 4th place Intermediate Bowl & Golden Ticket,
  • Golden Ticket Intermediate Mini-Ramp
  • CASL Contest @Vans: 1st place Street (9-10), 1st place Bowl (10&U)
  • CASL Contest @ Skatelab: 1st place Street (9-10), 2nd place Bowl (10&U) & Best Trick

Results 2011

  • Laguna Niguel Haunted Contest: 1st place (10 & under)
  • Mammoth Volcom Brother’s Wave Rave Contest: 2nd place Street & 2nd place Bowl
  • Encinitas Fall Skate Series: 2nd place Mini-Ramp, 2nd place Mini-Ramp
  • CASL So-Cal Championships: 2nd place Overall Mini’s Division
  • CASL State Championships: 3rd place Overall Bowl, 3rd place Overall Street
  • The King of the Groms @ Skatelab: Golden Ticket in Beginner Street for Minnesota Finals
  • Lake Cunningham Summer Skate Series: 2nd place Street, 2nd place Bowl, 1st place Full-Pipe (15 & under)

Results 2010

  • 2010 CASL State Championships: 2nd place Bowl, 2nd place Vert

How does a typical day in the life of Nate Vernia go?

Eat, Skate, Sleep....repeat. (Oh yeah, and school too!)

Who’s your favorite pro skater and why?
Choosing a favorite skater is like choosing a favorite ice cream, they're all awesome! I'd have to say that my top 5 skaters would be: (in no particular order)
Andy Mac, awesome class-act competitor!
PLG, he is an insane and solid Vert skater!
Danny Way, well... he's Danny Way!
Adam Taylor,  he's a skating machine with great style!
Omar Hassan, because he's been in the game for a while and kills it!

What’s your favorite skate spot and how often do you skate there?
My favorite skate spots are Sector 9's "Bread Bowl", Clairemont YMCA, Vans, and  Poway Skatepark.  I skate pretty much every day and like to keep it fresh by rotating between parks as much as I can.

Why do you choose Triple 8 for your protective gear needs?
I choose Triple 8 for my protective needs because they make the most comfortable and best fitting helmets. They make helmets in pretty much any color, and the sweatsaver liners keep the sweat out of my eyes.  Say goodbye to bruised hips, the Triple 8 "Bumsavers" are great for both the beginner or expert riders.  If you're looking to progress your skating, "Bumsavers" are the way to go.  I know they've saved my butt on many occasions!

Words to live by?

"You got to give to get" and "Be good to your board, and it will be good to you"


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