Patrick Switzer


Triple 8 is proud to welcome 2011 IGSA Downhill World Champion Patrick Switzer! Over past couple of years Switzer has quickly risen to become the #1 Longboarder in the world! In 2011 Switzer made history by becoming the first ever skater to win three Open Downhill Skateboarding World Cup races in a row (Padova Grand Prix, Italy, Insul Cup, Germany, Kozakov Challenge, Czech Republic).

Birthday: July 14, 1987
Hometown: Hanover, Ontario
Current Residence: Burnaby, BC
Been a member of the Triple Eight team since 2012

Career Highlights:


  • 1st Place Whistler Longboard Festival
  • 2nd Place Maryhill Festival of Speed

  • 2nd Place Almabtrieb

  • 3rd Place Kozakov Challenge


  • 1st Place Catalina Island Classic


  • 1'st Place Prince Edward County Gravity Fest
  • 1'st Place Maryhill Festival of Speed, Goldendale, Wa
  • 1'st Place Attack of Danger Bay
  • 5'th Place Kozakov Challenge, Kozakov, Czech Republic 
  • 5'th Place Padova Grand Prix, Teolo, Italy
  • 2'nd Place Peyragudes Never Dies, Peyragudes, France


  • IGSA World Champion
  • 1'st Insul Cup, Germany
  • 1'st Padova Grand Prix, Teolo, Italy
  • 1'st Kozakov Challenge, Czech Republic


Justin Rimbert: So Patrick, the season is underway, you’re now the proud owner of your very own RV, you’ve been signed to a number of new sponsors for 2012, and fresh off a skate trip to the Philippines & Australia in which you swept the three events in the Philippines & took home second in a carnage filled final run in Australia.  Things are good in the life of P-Swiss.  At what point did you realize that pushing around on a longboard was going to lead to this?

P-Swiss: I skated for a few years in my home town with no sight to it becoming anything more than what it was, a fun mode of transportation and the odd hill bomb to spook the nerves. Soon after I moved to Toronto for school I found the longboarding community who at the time cruised garages during the night. After three years of involvement, the core riders in the scene groomed each other into very talented "Escarpment Surfer" skaters ready to take on the outside world. I learned an incredible amount in a short time and am indebted to their knowledge. Soon I was coming up the ranks competing in slalom events around the North American east coast, and was branching out to downhill events across Canada. I had also been running a successful skate shop in my basement "Longboard Haven" catering to the core community. Our eyes were opened to the unbelievable terrain in the west and mass relocation began. After that our main dream was being able to skate full on, but opportunities for it were only just developing.

JR: Developing indeed.  Your passport’s been getting some serious wear & tear lately.  Speaking of which, with all the places you’ve traveled, have you found the holy grail of hills yet?

P-Swiss:  After traveling to about 18 countries now, the fortunate thing about traveling and skateboarding, you realize there is incredible terrain all around the world. Little hidden pockets are always found and new unscouted roads to liven a sense of adventure. Just to list a few favorites, Norway, Brazil, Switzerland, French & Italian Alps have been a treat. After spending hours on Google Earth it is not too hard to find small islands in the middle of nowhere ready to be thrashed. The names of those may take a while to become popular knowledge, or until the next Greener Pastures series is released!

JR: With the continued increase in popularity of the sport we’re starting to see more and more participants lining up to get involved with these events.  Rumor has it that Maryhill registration sold out in 2 hours.  With all this new blood, who are the grom up and comers that we should keep an eye out for to breakthrough this year at some of the IGSA events this summer?

PS: Traveling has definitely given me the opportunity to see young talent in a diverse way.

There is a dream team grom list, so to speak that comes to mind as to who will shine in future. These riders come from Colombia, Brazil, Philippines, Australia and North America. Although I'll let the public make their own decision as to who these riders are.

I believe the most difficult deciding factors for these young kids is the cost of travel, parental involvement and their dedication to education.

It is absolutely amazing to watch the age demographic of sport decrease rapidly only giving more legitimacy and longevity to our beloved sport/lifestyle.


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