Ryan RT Taylor (BMX)

Ryan Taylor joins Triple 8 as the inaugural member of our BMX team. Hailing from Walsall, UK, Ryan has been getting all kinds of notoriety in the States from some of the banger videos he's laid down in Dave Mirra's warehouse. Ryan (RT) is known for effortlessly mixing up big transfers with technical moves. At the young age of 17, RT is quickly establishing himself as a veteran on the BMX scene.

Name: Ryan "RT" Taylor
Birthday: 18th march
Hometown: Walsall, United Kingdom
Current Residence: I’m still living at home in Walsall, But half the year I live in Greenville, NC
Been a member of Triple 8 since 2011


Career Highlights:
2011: More to come soon!
Sixth Place – Super Ramp finals @ BMX Worlds 2010
Second Place – Spine mini contest @ Nokia FISE 2010
2009: Just made web videos in 09 and did trips it was a fun year for sure!

How does a typical day in the life of RT go?
Well it usually consists of waking up early if its dry outside or staying in bed if its late .. if its dry ill always go to the skatepark and get a session on with my friends! , When its wet i just get my homes to come round to my house and just hang out it's the only way when its wet to keep me inspired hanging with friends there all ridazzzz!

What is the weirdest encounter you have had while on the road?
When i was in the South of France i seen some really crazy old lady playing a violin like a guitar and it made no sound at all but she had the biggest smile on her face ever with no teeth at all and a really dirty face, i just gave her a pound I had in my wallet haha it was funny!

Why do you choose Triple 8 for your protective gear needs?
Because unlike other soft padding helmets the triple 8 helmet fits me snug and perfect and just feels a lot safer than any other soft pad helmet, For the rest of the protection we have coming I’m sure it will be the same!

Words to live by?
Commitment is the key to success!

I’d like to thank AmityBike's for all the support they gave me last year and I’m looking forward to it all again this year, Also Rockstar Energy Drink, Osiris Footwear, and Triple 8 for the opportunity!!


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