Spencer Breaux

Spencer, known as "Smoothie" around the skateparks, began skating back in May 2009 at a small municipal park in New Jersey, where she lived at that time. She was 5 ½ years old and had never even been on a skateboard before. Two moves and two states later, Spencer now lives in Denver, Colorado with her moms, older sister, and access to some of the sickest concrete parks in the country!  She is fortunate to be able to travel the country for competitions where she gets to to meet up with her grom buddies.  In Denver, it’s rare to find other kids to skate with and even more rare to find girls.

Name: Spencer “Smoothie” Breaux
Birthday: 8/26/03        
Hometown: Hackensack, NJ
Currently lives: Denver, CO
Been a member of Triple 8 since 2012


Career Highlights:

Results 2012

2nd place bowl, 5th place mini- King of the Groms qualifier, Beginner Division
2nd place- Grand Slam Bowl Jam at Woodward Copper, Women’s Open Division
5th place bowl, 5th place mini- King of the Groms Championships, Beginner Division,  highest  ranking of any girl in any division during the championship
1st place- WCS event “Rocky Mountain Rampage”, Women’s Division Aged 15 and Under

Results 2011

1st place- GardenSk8 Valentine’s Day Massacre Street Comp, Grom Division,
9th place- 2011 King of the Groms Championships, Beginner Division, Mini
4th place- Warp Skatepark Street “Nontest”, Grom Division
5th place- Sk8Strong Destroy the Bowl, 13 and under Division
2nd place, Loud & Clear Skate Jam, 14 and under Division

Results 2010                                                                                                                                                                                       1st place Street, 1st place Mini, 1st place Bowl Schooled Series, Elementary Girls Division                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

How does a typical day in the life of Spencer “Smoothie” Breaux go?
Well, I wake up and eat a good breakfast! My mom cooks breakfast every morning! A “dip” egg and bacon are my favorite. Watch a little TV, head off to school. After school, if my mom doesn’t have a late meeting, we head to the skatepark.  Usually Arvada because it’s pretty close.  After skating, we sit and have dinner together and my mom asks us a billion questions about our day. Homework, maybe TV, then off to bed.  In the summer, I skate almost every day and we try to head to different parks. The nice thing about Denver is that you can drive 30 minutes or less in any direction and you’ll hit a good skatepark.

What’s your favorite spot and how often do you skate there?

In Colorado, my favorite would have to be Memorial Park in Colorado Springs. It has everything, and it’s free!!  Bowl, tranny, street, and now a new vert ramp which was just built this summer.  I love vert!  I skate there just about every weekend for like 5-6 hours each day.
 But my favorite spot ever is Modern Skatepark in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When I lived in Illinois, we would drive four and a half hours because that was the closest vert ramp. I just loved the bowl there, and it had a micro ramp, a six foot mini, and a good street section. It’s inside a mall, and people would stop and watch me. I love that. I always think it’s funny that people are so impressed just because I’m a girl.

Why do you love Triple 8 so much?
I love Triple 8 because they make THE most comfortable helmet there is!   I won a Triple 8 helmet in my first competition, The Schooled Series, and I told my mom that I only wanted Triple 8 from then on.  I picked gold because it’s the color of trophies!  Let’s face it, if a helmet isn’t comfortable, no kid will want to wear it. I also LOVE those BUMSAVERS! Definitely good for vert riding.

Words to live by?
Have fun, but be smart about it. That goes for skating and in life.


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