Steven Vera

Name: Steven Vera *mostly known as Vera*
DOB: 10/20/94
Hometown: Harrison, NJ
Current Residence: Harrison, NJ
Been a member of the Triple Eight team since October 2013

Career Highlights:

2013 Results:
-1st place, Miami Bomb Freestyle Contest

2012 Results:
-1st Place, Mini Bomb Best Line Contest
-1st Place, Brooklyn Style Sessions
-1st Place, Central Mass Freestyle
-1st Place, Broadway Bomb Best Line Contest
-5th Place, Philly Freestyle Cup

2011 Results:
-3rd Place, Mini Bomb best line contest

How does a typical day in the life of Vera go?
Simple. I wake up , eat, brush my teeth, head to my college, get out of class, head to the city and skate hard as if I’m some nicotine addict to relieve my stress from school, head back home, shower, chill with the homies and then head home sleep and repeat.

Why do you choose Triple 8 for your protective gear needs?
Because they save what’s essential in my body.

Where is your favorite place to ride and how often do you go there?
I normally skate anywhere that attracts me most in the city but sometimes I skate around Union Square, Circuit in Central Park and on chill days, the bandshell in Central Park.

Who's your favorite other rider to ride with?
More like riders haha I’d have to say Adam Crigler, Jeff Vyain when he’s in town, Steven Sanchez and Paulie Connor.

Words to live by:
"Success is not given, its earned."


*Photo Credit: Khaleeq Alfred, Prince Lang and Jose Erazo



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