Tamara Prader

To Tamara Prader, skateboarding is a state of mind.Tamara is a passionate longboarder, who loves the mountains. Skateboarding, climbing, bouldering and snowboarding are among her favorite activities. In 2011, Tamara consistantly placed top 10 in international events and finished with an IGSA ranking of number 3 in the world. She's highly motivated and will be skating in events around the world this year.

Birthday: June 2nd, a while ago

: Luzein, in the Swiss Alps

Current Residence
: Zürich, Switzerland

Been a member of the Triple Eight team since
: 2012

Results 2014

1st - Maryhill Festival of Speed

2nd - Whistler Longboard Festival

2nd - Kozakov Challenege

2nd - Sector 9: Almabtrieb

Results 2013
2nd - Catalina Island Classic, CA
2nd - World Cup Angie's Curves, CA
3rd - World Cup Kozakov Challenge, Czech Republic

Results 2012
1st - Catalina Island Classic, CA
1st - Jakes Rash, BC, Canada
2nd - High Rising, South Africa
2nd - Hot Heels Africa, South Africa

Results 2011
2nd - Hot Heels Africa, South Africa
2nd - Houwteq HDX, South Africa
3rd - European Championship Verdicchio, Italy
4th - Padova Grand Prix, Italy
7th - Insul Cup, Germany
7th - Kozakov Challenge, Czeck Republic
4th - Ekstremsportsveko Voss, Norway

How does a typical day in the life of Tamara Prader go?
I wish I could tell you it was an awesome skate adventure every day… I am an architect, visualizer, dreamer, skater, climber, friend.
Usually, I replace breakfast with Italian coffee, I go to work where I make things look pretty and take off for some skateboarding on local hills or bouldering later in the day. After a nice city session I love it to prepare a tasty meal with my buddies, talking about upcoming skateboard adventures. A day during the 'no-work-but-skate-season'... is usually full of awesomeness and skateboarding!

What is the weirdest encounter you have had while on the road?
Having my first ever downhill run with Kevin Reimer, absolutely not knowing who this nice Canadian guy is, but wondering how the hell he could go so freaking fast!

Where’s your favorite place to ride and how often do you go there?

Any of the countless, beautiful roads we have in Switzerland! I skate those hills as much as I can.

Words to live by?
That feels like I am supposed to know more about life. I definitely don't! What I'd like to share with you: stay curious! Smile at people, especially if they ignore you, move lots and tell people if you like them. Don't hesitate, decide and go for the maximum!


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